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D A V I D  |  F L O W E R

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Live and Unplugged on the Beach



D A V I D  ♦  F L O W E R

singer / songwriter from Australia

David Flower’s song writing is topical and inventive – with addictive grooves and atmospheric progressions, crescendos and an innate sense of rhythm. Flower and band entertain with dynamic energy armed with a array of instruments and Stella harmonies tangoing from blues to folk to reggae n swing with David’s trademark wah wah riffs, finger-work. Reflecting his views with bold honestly songs Harry’s Trial, Cheney’s Pie, Bombs, Half price soul sale’ are topical and pertinent whilst remaining light hearted and often humorous with his take on love and heartbreak with ‘Roses” and “to catch a witch’. Flower is brave n personal, with his trademark feels that gets all in the mood for moving n grooving.

David has just released his new album ‘Tango rose’ (available for purchase here) featuring the talents of Caroline Trengove on Violin, viola, flute n harmonies.

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